Interested in joining?

We welcome new members, whatever your age or ability, and we actively help to introduce new people into the sport.

Applying for membership couldn’t be easier. Either give us a ring on 07516 764 736 to talk things over or come down to the club to see what we offer – Sunday afternoons are generally best. If you prefer, just click on the following link, print off the application form and fill it in:

Membership Application Form

We aim to keep the cost of dinghy sailing as low as possible. Our annual fees provide excellent value for money:

Annual Subscription Rates for 2018:

FULL MEMBER £80 For a member who is over the age of 18
FAMILY MEMBER £80 For one or two co-habiting members and all children within their guardianship under 18 years of age
RECIPROCAL £60 Available for a maximum period of 12 months to a person who is a fully paid up member of another RYA affiliated club
STUDENT £35 For a member who is over the age of 18 and in full time education
BOAT PERMIT FEE £70 Entitles a member to sail their boat on the water controlled by the Club and provides a space in the Club’s boat park
ADDITIONAL BOATS PERMIT FEE  £55 This one sum covers all additional boats owned by members, subject to there being sufficient spaces available in the dinghy park.

Some common Questions and Answers about sailing at Givendale with the WRSA:

Q1. Do you charge a joining fee?

Yes We are a small Ripon sailing club run by its members and we only aim to cover our costs.

Q2. Do you have a waiting list?

No. Currently we still have space in the dinghy park for more boats.

Q3. Can I be a member if I don’t own a boat?

Yes. We have a number of members who are often on the lookout for a crew to sail with them. If you are new to sailing this is a good way to start and will provide you with the opportunity to try different classes of boat before getting one for yourself.

Q4. Can I sail any boat?

The club has three fleets – Enterprise, Mirror and Handicap. The handicap fleet is varied and currently consists of dinghies from the following classes – Gull, Heron, Laser, Laser II, Otter, Wayfarer and 505. Due to the limitations of sailing on the river members are only allowed to sail monohull dinghies up to 14 feet in length although if a member requests it, the committee will consider the suitability of allowing boats that are over 14 feet to sail on the river

Q5. Are non-sailing members welcome at WRSA?

Yes, very much so. We are always pleased to welcome non-sailors who can often play an important part in the successful running of the club. There is a decking area at the side of the clubhouse and extensive grassy areas for non-sailors to relax and enjoy the views over the river and surrounding countryside. Children can run around and play games on the grassy areas.

Q6. Can children sail?

Yes. Although no dinghy sailing can be deemed to be totally safe, if the appropriate safety precautions are taken then sailing at WRSA can be fun for children of all ages. One of the advantages of sailing on the river is that the riverbank is never far away. Children must be supervised by a parent or another responsible adult at all times.

Q7. Can I use the facilities when there is no racing?

Yes. Members can access the dinghy park, club house, BBQ and changing rooms 7 days a week, and can sail on the river at any time at their own risk. They should assess the suitability of conditions for sailing first and, where practical, should not sail alone for obvious safety reasons.

Q8. Can I bring my friends to the club?

Yes. You are welcome to bring friends to the club to sail or just to enjoy the facilities. However if they are regular visitors then we would encourage them to become full members.

Q9. How is Club racing organised?

Racing takes place most Sundays and on some Saturdays during the sailing season, from the end of March to the end of October. The club uses a system of handicapping that allows the faster and slower boats to race against each other. Depending on the weather conditions, three races take place each Sunday/Saturday, with the results being carried forward to the end of the competition. These results are used to calculate who has achieved the best results overall and who has achieved the best results in a personal handicap system. The personal handicap system is designed to give newcomers an excellent chance of winning the competition. A number of other trophies are competed for at various times during the season.

Q10. Do I have to undertake club duties?

Yes. The smooth running of most sailing clubs depends on members carrying out duties during the year. All members are expected to participate in working parties set up to maintain the good sailing on the river and the club’s facilities at the site. Additionally members will be allocated a duty turn as Officer of the Day on a rota basis. Guidance and instruction is provided.